Updates for January-December 2005

January 8

Made a slight correction on the Friends page, and a new Website of the Week! :) Also put up this page, thus updates on Site Map and Fonts

March 25

New website of the week, updated the news sections on the Alanis, BSB, and soulDecision websites, and minor updates on Site Map/Fonts.

April 10

Updated the Links page with a bunch of new links (and fixed broken ones), updated this page, fonts, site map, and updated the main page a little.  New Website of the 'week' too of course.

May 14

New website of the week, updated the Alanis news, updated the BSB news and discography and put up the lyrics to Incomplete, updated the soulDecision news and discography, and updated the Site Map and Fonts to reflect changes on the BSB site. :)

June 11

Added all of the information, including lyrics and cover scans, for Jagged Little Pill Acoustic on Thank U Alanis Morissette. New website of the week of course.

June 17

Added a new quote today!

July 14

Posted lyrics to all remaining Backstreet Boys songs.  I've decided against spending the time attributing the lyrics to each singer, as I obviously don't have the time to keep doing that.  So all the words are there either way!! :) Updated the Alanis news too, and the BSB Discography, and new website of the 'week'

August 5

Added a new quote, and a new website of the week.

October 1

Updated the Alanis and Backstreet news and discographies.  New website of the 'week' -- this section will now be called "Featured Link"!!

October 15

Updated the Alanis news and discography (also, I will be winding down Thank U Alanis Morissette over the next few months), and due to a guestbook request I changed the colours on the All Saints site!  New Featured Link!

October 22

Wha? Three updates in the same month!? Either way, made some small updates today to Links, X-Files, and Useless Facts. If anyone finds duplicate Useless Facts (I *know* there are some), please tell me specifically which ones are duplicated and I will update. Thanks! :)

November 19

Decided to remove some of my affiliate ads -- most of them simply weren't making me ANY money at all, and in turn annoyed my visitors (pop-ups, banners, etc.)  That meant updates on BSB, X-Files, Dawson's Creek, Links, Site Map, Alanis, and Push.  Also today I began the slowing down of Thank U Alanis Morissette -- everything is updated to today and will no longer be updated going forward.  The only thing left is to tweak the track-listing for the Crazy single if and when it ever comes out, and to post the lyrics to Wunderkind. The biggest work done on there today was the archiving of the news section, as well as updating the discography to date, including The Collection and Crazy information.  See the news archives page for my Thank U.

December 10

Completed the shutting down/archiving of Thank U Alanis Morissette by posting lyrics to Wunderkind and correcting the Crazy single discography. :)

December 14

OK, I lied... one more update on Thank U Alanis Morissette. Of course the Crazy single wasn't correct, of course they released another version of it. Of course.  Alright, it's done now. I swear.

December 20

Made a couple of corrections to Flying Into The Millennium (thanks to the fan who signed my guestbook!), and put up the 2006 Updates page, which of course meant updates on Fonts and Site Map! Happy Holidays everyone :)

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